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Cross : Sunset Sherbert bx1 x Peach Ozz
Flowering cycle : 8/9 weeks
Yield : Good

6 fem seeds
$150 per pack

each pack comes with a free pack of Peach Tree fems

Capri Zun is a beautiful strain using our selected Sunset Sherbert bx1
female from Seed Junky Genetics cross with our Peach Ozz reversal.
Our cut of Sunset Sherbert carry some intense Zkittlez terps and the
Peach Ozz bring some lighter notes.
The result is a dream come true. It’s a very easy plant to grow that start
producing resin in early stages and that literally stinks of Zkittlez with
some fruity terps and light hints of sherbert.
Most of the phenos smell that way, a few of them are a bit creamy too.
This is the kind of strain that you just need to smell to have a big smile on
your face.
Perfect during the day to keep you active and happy.
She like to be well fed during the vegetative stage and also during the
flowering cycle.
Capri Zun will finish in 8 weeks to 9 weeks. It will give you a good yield if
you grow her with love and care.


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