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Cross : 33 Splitter x Peach Ozz
Flowering cycle : 8 weeks
Yield : Big

6 fem seeds
$150 per pack

each pack comes with a free pack of Peach Tree fems

Pink Gasoline is a cross between our cut of 33 Splitter from uprising
seeds and the Peach Ozz reversal.
The 33 Splitter is one of our favorite Gelato #33 hybrids that we grew
along side the Jet A.This plant produce some large cola and big amounts
of resin.
Coming from the Peach Ozz, it creates something very peculiar in terms
of aroma.
The terpene profile is very gassy and gelato dominant with some
pleasant OG’s undertones coming from the Atom Splitter.
When you smell the bud on the plant it intensely reeks of fuel.
It’s probably one of the biggest yielder in the Peach Ozz feminized line.
The production and the quality of the resin make this strain perfect for all
kinds of extractions.
The plant has a decent size and make some nice fat buds, 4 weeks of
veg will would be enough in most set up and she’ll be ready in 8 weeks.
Pink Gasoline is an indica dominant hybrid, a vigorous plant and for most
people a night time strain.
It took 2nd place for best dry sift at the secret cup Bizkaia 2020.


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