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Galactic Grape


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Galactic Grape

15 regular male/female seeds per pack

Lineage: Grape Diamonds x Stardawg IX

Flower time: 63-75 days indoors

Scent: Grape, Skunk, Gasoline

Grape Diamonds is a fantastically terpy plant from Ethos Genetics that goes purple with a resin that smells of grape soda, skunk and propane. Stardawg is a strong Chem/fuel smell with greasy resin. The combination of the two creates a beefy medium sized plant that wreaks of grapes, skunk and gassy chem. Some of the grape diamonds dominant phenos turn a fabulous purple color taking after her mother. The stardawg added some girth with chem, fuel and gasoline terps. There were some phenos that go all purple around week 7, while others stayed mostly green except for the trim leaves which turn a slight shade of indigo with bright orange hairs and a noticeable amount of sparkly white resin. Both are desirable in my opinion. Grape, skunk and gasoline. I mean, how could you go wrong?
63-75 days bloom






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