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Mars Hotel


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Mars Hotel

15 regular male/female seeds per pack

Lineage: Cherry Punch x Stardawg IX

Flower Time: 50-65 days indoors

Scent: Cherry cough drop, Chem

Cherry Punch was hunted in genetics from Symbiotic. The Stardawg male, from Top Dawg Genetics.
The marriage of these two creates a cherry cough drop and Chem scent and flavor. The berries and Chem together is something I personally enjoy. The cherry punch shortened the flowering time to 50-65 days. She’s chunky, stinky and offers bag appeal at a reasonable flowering time. Most are shorter and squat, with branches that naturally branch out and reach for light. The tops can get quite heavy, so staking or trellis helps this lady stay erect while finishing her bloom cycle.   The rosin I’ve made from this cross is delightful! A real treat!





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