Generation 1 clones.

All of our Premium clones are Generation 1 clones taken from mothers grown directly from Tissue Culture.

• Just like starting from seed

• Rejuvenated vigor

• Increased Production

These are full size clones 6" - 8" tall.


    These clones are for the people who knew and loved these older          genetics over the years & for people who have outgrown the                new hype stuff and need something different.

    Genetics found in this section have been held in private                      collections for decades.  This is your access to a living library of          some of the strains that got weed to where it is today.

    Own some amazing, proven genetics and help keep

    Cannabis History alive!

    If you are wondering about any of these strains shoot us a                    message!



    Don't let the name scare you away.

    These are just extra's from bulk order we've filled.

    Rooted and ready for work.

    Plan on up to a week before shipping.  We list in advance to keep the      inventory fresh.



      Clones come from Mother's, so they're the babies.

      Teens are clones that have grown up a little.

      16"-18" tall and 4x the root ball size compared to a regular size                clone.

       These are great if you're in a hurry because they are already so well         established that they will cut a few weeks more off of your end               time than a regular size clone.

        Plan on up to a week before shipping.  We list in advance to                      keep the inventory fresh.


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