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Where we are:  21699 E Quincy Ave Unit F-#332 Aurora, Colorado 80015 USA

Contact: info@getseedsrighthere.com

Terms & Conditions for Shopping at GetSeedsRightHere.com


We sell seeds and clones as novelty items.  They contain 0% THC. We encourage our customers to check the legislation in their Country, State or Province and Municipality prior to purchasing items from this store.  Please do not contact us asking for grow advice of any kind. You acknowledge that you are over 21 years of age and you are going to adhere to whatever laws your state has on record.  You release Get Seeds Right Here of any liability or legal problems as we are assuming that you are purchasing them for novelty purposes only. 

Consent to Email

If you have opted in to our emails you are agreeing that the email you are provided will not be treated as spam. You further consent that on the date you signed up you consented to receive our emails regardless of how many are sent. You may opt out of our emails at any time by simply clicking the UNSUBSCRIBE button located at the bottom of any and all the marketing emails. Get Seeds Right Here will never sell your data to any third party, marketing group or interested party.

Shipping Policy

We will use the best courier for your location and unique situation.

Seed orders take up to week before shipping.

Clone orders can take up to 10 days before shipping although most ship within a week unless noted otherwise.

Clones ship on Monday's, Tuesday's & Wednesday's.

Processing time is not shipping time.

We do not track orders after they ship, we send you tracking so you can track them.

Tracking info will be emailed when the postage is printed.

We print postage early so we can ship as soon as the order is ready as times will vary with live plants.

When your order is dropped off to the courier, you will be notified by email as well.

All updates and any new info about your order will be emailed automatically as they happen.

While the order is in transit please contact the courier for any additional info.

Travel time for clones is 1-2 days in the US and 1-3 days for International.

If you order during a holiday or sale please anticipate slightly longer processing times before orders ship.

Once orders are checked in with the courier, the customer assumes all liability for package delivery and the customer will handle any issues directly with the courier, USPS/ FEDEX/ UPS The customer understands and agrees that Get Seeds Right Here has no control of the speed of shipping once its in the hands of the courier.

Returns, Cancellations & Exchanges

All sales are final.

At this time we do not offer any returns or exchanges.


Clone guarantee

We guarantee you will receive a clean & healthy clone that recovers from shipping and starts growing on its own within 1 week.   If your clone is not growing send pics to info@getseedsrighthere.com before the 7th day ends for replacement details.1st replacement is 100% no cost.

Seed delivery guarantee
We guarantee you will receive your order and tracking is the standard we use.
*Couriers will sometimes check an order in as delivered, but not deliver it until the next day.  If this happens please wait 24 hours before contacting us.
Seed germination guarantee
ETHOS is the only breeder we carry that has a germination guarantee as long as you document following the germination technique listed on their website.
*Couriers will sometimes check an order in as delivered, but not deliver it until the next day.  If this happens please wait 24 hours before contacting us.


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