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Cross : Lime Pop Kush x Peach Ozz
Flowering cycle : 8/9 weeks
Yield : Good

6 fem seeds
$150 per pack

each pack comes with a free pack of Peach Tree fems

The Lime Ozz is a cross of our cut of Lime Pop Kush from
Freeborn Selection and our reversed Peach Ozz.
Those strains were selected from regular seeds that we
bought at the Emerald cup in 2017 & 2018.
We found in those Mean Gene and Dying breed beans
some incredible and unique terpene profiles.
We couldn’t resist to cross them together, they are just
fire !
From the Lime Pop Kush you can expect some strong
citrus terps with some hints of OG’s and a unique sweet
zkittely twist is brought by the Peach Ozz.
It will give you the sensation of a lemony smoothie
dominated by lime, lemongrass and ginger terps.
The taste is so intense that it is going to leave your mouth
full of those sticky terpenes for ages.
If you try to control the sent, don’t choose this one
because it smells from miles away !
This stain have a strong structure and some beautiful
camouflage colored flowers covered with of stinky and
sticky trichomes.
She don’t like to be over fed or multi-topped.
Give her some love and your garden will smell like a lime


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